A special gift from a Canadian client, Garry Duggan

WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY – March 20th, 2018

Special Discount –      10% off for professional cleanings (scaling/flossing and prophy), diamond attachment and whitening –      8% off for veneers –      7% off for implants Applied on March 20th to April 20th, 2018 for all online and phone call [...]

Viet Nam Tet Holiday 2018 Promotion

Viet Nam Tet Holiday 2018 Promotion Special Discount: 5% off for restorative fillings 8% off for whitening 10% off for professional cleanings Applied for all online or phone call bookings on January 15th – [...]

STEC Event

On April 2nd, 2017 – TGM Dental in Hoi An in partnership with the East Meets West Dental from Da Nang conducted a Dental Oral Hygiene Education (DOHE) Program [...]